Our Systems

We offer a wide range of systems to simplify getting started. Our systems include everything you need to get going, including paper, inks, equipment, software and user guides

Our Equipment

We stock all the equipment needed to start up a business in most niche industries, from receipt printers to large format printers, vinyl cutters, computers, heat presses, catering, and cinema equipment.

Our Accessories

For all your blank printable and consumables like inks, paper, vinyl, and accessories, we stock a large variety to ensure you always have something to sell.

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Our selection of equipment in niche industries places us at the top of your supplier list if you wish to start a business, or expand into the ever growing niche markets. Our ranges include equipment in the following sectors

Digital Printing

Create customized t-shirts, banners, canvasses, and mugs to name a few.

3D Printing

Our 3D Printing equipment is easy to use, affordable, reliable and readily available.


We stock niche catering equipment like doughnut, popcorn, waffles-on-a-stick, and candyfloss machines


Earning an income from embroidery has never been this easy

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With lots of products in various industries, packaged just right to get your business running quickly, you are sure to find something just for you!


We Support

Skype, Team Viewer, Whatsapp, and Call for support. We offer a dedicated support number which is available until 8 pm Monday to Saturday to ensure you are always up and running and meeting deadlines. We also have add-on features to simplify your business.

We Guarantee

All our equipment comes with a quality guarantee. We also offer maintenance and service plans on all our machines (even the smaller ones) to keep you running at a profitable pace.

We Deliver

With our selected courier companies we are able to have your printables, consumables, and equipment delivered straight to your door at affordable prices.

You are also welcome to send your own courier or pop in at our headquarters to collect in person.

We Are Family

We are a proud family-owned and operated business and as such we welcome you to our family. Our open door policy means you can always speak to one of the owners and we are always willing to help, even with other problems or hurdles you experience in your business.


For how-to's, events, general information and additional ideas, visit our blog where we share all the secrets to creating exciting products
“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” - Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook.

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Grabbing opportunities with open arms is often easier to talk about than to actually do. Most people find themselves dreaming about being rich but never actually doing anything about it. A combination of procrastination and 'what if' syndrome can cripple your creative spirit and might mean your idea will never become a reality.

Socrates said "Action equals knowledge'. He was one of the greatest philosophers of our time. What he meant was that it is through action that we achieve results.

It's time to take action

Your time to take action is now, simply contact us on any of the below methods and we will help you start realizing that dream

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Give us a call on +27 21 988 0438

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Something More About Us

                                          BizInBox was founded in 2005 by the 

Combrinck Family after they themselves started with an old mug heat press, bought second hand, whose thermometer packed up after only a few mugs were made. During this time there were only 2 distributors of these machines and equipment who charged enormous amounts of money for fixing the mug press, consumables and were unwilling to give help and support to them.

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